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cssWhy use Mis4.Me?

M is 4 Me (Mis4.Me) is a free url shortener and link tracker service. No Subsriptions or Sign Ups Needed.

cssDo I Need to sign up before i can shorten a url?

No!. No Sign Ups Or Registration Required in other to use Mis4.Me

cssDo you have a referral program?

No, We dont have a referral program.

cssWhat is The Limit To The Number Of Short Links I Can Create For Free?

There is no Limit to the number of short links you can create. All Users can create unlimited number of short links free

cssWill My Short Link Be Deleted If Inactive?

No, Your links are kept forever.

cssCan you stop someone shrinking my URL?

Yes and No. We dont actively monitor shrinked urls

cssHow to create shorten link?

Simply paste the url you want to shorten on the home page and click shorten for the short link.

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